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Branch Manager Message

Branch Manager Message



                           It give us great plesure in introducing GNet computer traininig insitute an Innovative institute, aimed to bring quality education and training in the field of computer software hardware networking and managment . Today with booming IT sector has helped India to emerge as a global leader.This has created  innumerable job opportunities for the trained professional . This had led to a huge demand for trained IT Professional who are trained at this to meet  these requirements .

                                                Girja Shanker (Sewai Lucknow Branch Manager ) 


"Education is the passport for the future , for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today"

I would like to thank our Respected Founder Mr Mirtunjay Kumar and Mrs Abhilasha Devi  for their unflinching support and guidance , the Secretary of Gnet computer training insitute Mr Mirtunjay Kumar for bringing about phenomenal positive changes in the center , Each year is Different when one moves ahead with rejuvenated resolves of creating milestones of sucess with greater zeal and determination.

                                                Akhilesh kumar (Udhavli Brabanki Branch Manager)


"Learning is their journey , let them navigate. push them to explore and watch them discover.

  Encourage them to question and allow them to struggle . support their thinking and let them fly"

Gnet computer training institute attains its eminence in the first place through the achievements of students and we are extremely fortunate to be blessed by the lord with such an incessant progress . i extend my deep gratitute to our Founder  Mr Mirtunjay Kumar and Mrs Abhilasha Devi for being the guiding  lamps that make our center a leading one.

                                               Ravish Kushwaha ( Sirsaganj Firozabad Branch Manager)


Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible   ....

Education does not mean merely imparting knowledge, skill an imformation. It means develoment of an integrated wholesome human being with a total integration of physical, intellectual, emotional, ethical and spiritual aspects of human personality.

Morals are the unwritten rules of human conduct an relationships. They make the world a good place to live in and open the door to spiritual awareness.

Values such as respect, tolerance, honesty and compassion are developed over a life time and this is done by laying emphasis on a kind of education that is human from a very young age. at GNET , we develop mindfulness, awareness and sensitivity to affairs of the age we live in, so that one not lose touch with the environment. 

Respect, good manners and honesty must be taught and practised every day at center and home. These non-negotiable values are repeated at all-time and are the cornstone of the ethos of G-net Computer, Nilmatha, Lucknow. From respect and honesty grow other values such as tolerance, thrust, forgiveness. Children tend to forget, so repetition of the masage goes on until it becomes a part of DNA of center.

                                                Renu Pachauri ( Naval Nagar , Hathras Branch Manager)


Serving as a Manager I have strongly belived and worked with a misson to perpare students asTotal Quality Person. Each child is different and one should offer students, academic challenges that are deep and relevant. Another full circle of an academic year has come to a close when I am entrusted with the reins of Gnet Computer Center in the capacity of Senior Sir. I take this as an honour and privilege to elevate the name and farme of the institution which already has a rich legacy to its name, to new heights of success.

Gnet computre is the lighthouse of society. We teach the students not only to achieve high acdemic goals but also prepare them to take leadership roles in future. With strong moral character and good education, today students are equipped with the essential skills to be the world leaders of tomorrow.

                                                 Vinay sir ( Shaeed path , Lucknow  Branch Manager)


We aim at imparting knowledge, wisdom, compassion and humanitarian spirit. Discipline, values and integrity are the very foundation of institute life.

I believe in searching for hope and happiness even in the face of adversities and I look forward to foster the overall development in children be it in oratory, art and craft, music and dance, games and sports etc, thus helping them archieve the highest level of glory, self-esteem and self-confidence. My dreams are vast and my commitments to the parents and my self are many. I am here to strive to offer that level of excellence to campus that will help it to make a mark for itself.

As the Manager of this center, I will tiressly work to serve the instituion. The support of my invincible and efficient staff gives me even more strength and I know that with the blessings of the Almighty and all my seniors, we will surge ahead.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to respected our Founder  Mr Mirtunjay Kumar and Mrs Abhilasha Devi  for their unflinching support and inspiration.

                                                  Vishal Gupta ( Salempur ,Deoria (U.P)  Branch Manager)


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