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Spoken English



 Why English ?

The Indians today have their eyes set at the global platform to grab Global opportunities and want to  

be global players . So might you do. But for this To come true, you must learn a global way of communication.

 Why You ?

If you want yourself , your words and your future to be acknowledged throughout the nation (all the states) ,and the entire world (all the countries ) and not to be limited only to this state , then learning English is a must,as it is also a  link  language in our own nation besides being and International language.


 Why Gnet ?

 HERE, at Gnet Center for Languages  we are ever striving to enable you to express yourself in the best ever  – possible manner.We leave no stone unturned to deliver what we promise.

 Our word is our bond. Let’s have a lock at our uniquely designed all – inclusive Gnet Module which caters to everybody ‘s requirements , be it beginner or an advanced learner.


Ground – breaking approach to practical grammar in the form of –

• Golden rules 

• Magical constructions 

• Self – explanatory approach with an in – depth analysis which makes grammar a child’s play.

• We cover everything right from tenses to passive  voice in an entirely new style along with modal 

  verbs (should , can , may) , linking verbs ( be , go, seen, etc) prepostions , conjuctions ,conditionals ,

  question tags  and what not.


We stain every nerve to enable you , to express yourself easily by assisting you with

an extensive vocabulary in an easy way in the form of :

 • Defining vocabulary 

 • Phrasal verbs 

 • Theme vocabulary

 • Colloquial words , expressions & smart vocabulary 

 • Illustrated vocabulary 

 • Idiomatic language 

 • Slangs 

 • Proverbs 

 • Exclamation

 Speaking rehearsals

 To refine your way of speaking we coach you in interactive Engish through:

  • Group discussions

  • One – one conversations 

  • Role plays 

  • Picture composition 

  • Giving prompt response 

  • Art of conservation

  • Case studies (Puzzles for interactive analysis)

  • Protocols to be observed while speaking (discourse  makers ,  etc )

  • Extempore performance based on mind maps etc.

     -To develop an excellent converstional style speaking English which the

      present day word call for .

 Tongue Training

   Mouth  exercises and tongue twisters help you to Achieve tremendous improvement in your


   Intensive drills on vowels and consonants specifically Designed to free  your tongue from the MTi


 The phonology in English 

 Simplified and analytical study of sounds in  English with The help of devnagri  script i.e, help of hindi. For Example, there is only one sound of a in hindi while there are three sound of a in English viz as in about umbrella and earn (explanation with the help of IPA i.e international phonetic alphabet)


The magic of connected speech offers a unique as never before to understand English movie & songs with the help of schwa tapping glottal stop etc. this technique has helped our student in obtaining good scores in various tests of English language proficiency like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

 (sessions of English songs  & movies clips for touch – ups)


 Our way of speaking should be so effective as to leave an  Everlasting impression for this the most important factor that Counts is modulation which includes inflection intonation tone Etc by having proper modulation one simple sentence he said he Rubbed this broad can be spoken in at least 54ways (explanation With the help of songs  & movies clips BODY

 LANGUAGE: (NON – VERABAL  Communication ) We tell you about the  the perfect ways of shaking hansda, maintaining  Eye  contact, having cortactm having correct pisturesa, proper facial exaptessins, Prpper gesticulations, eye gestures, sitting pistuesa, etc


 We groom & gear you up by unraveling & bringing Subtle (small but important)

 ASPECTS to light like maintecanse of a WINSOME POISE & charisma deliberated self-assurance, present  youtesf, how to put on a winning smile and put up a brave face Table Manners & Eating Etiquettes

 How to conduct yourself at dinner,functions,party, celebrations, social/corporate Gatherings, in the offices,etc. Words ,phrases and expyessions to be used while greeting/welcoming others.

 How to respond to greetings &introduce others,etc.

 Career counseling

 Our traniners also conducts career counseling sessions wherein they guide you in the various careers  which could be pursued after a particular qualifications & the ways and means to achieve that.

 Public speaking sessions

We equip you with presentation skills with the help of PURPOSE-BUIL PRESENTATION   sessiuons like debates, lecturettes, news-anchorig,business presentations,  extempore performance, etc.
to help you put your best foot forward.
Individualized Video Recording The presentations are accompanied by IVR sessions (Individualized

 Video Recording) of the students to help them analyze themselves and bring the best out of     them.


 Writing skills: we coach you to develop the art of writing resume covering

       letters and e-mail We train you how not to get tripped by unraveling the

       reasons behind FAQs in the interviews

 How to pose yourself the best candidate by playing down your weaknesses

       and talking up your strengths.

 Our computer trainers conduct mock interviews to cater to the needs,

       requirements & demands of the student in various fields such as BPO,MBA,

       NDA,CDS, Engineering MR, Sales executive, banking & Others.

 Mock interview session are also conducted ( accompanied by Individualized

      video Recordings (IVR)of the student) to ebable then present their best.

 Placement cell

 We help you get placements in some of the best and reputed companies like saffron, IBM, WIPRO, DELL,ICICI bank, Genpact, hutch and some Lucknow based international call centers via Global Center of Languages platform.

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