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                             TALLY FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING PROGRAM(TFAP)                           



Type of Account,Accounting Principles, concept and convention ,  Double Entry system , Rule of Accounting,Outstanding management, Accounts Receivable and  Payable, Flexible vouchers numbering, cheque Print-ing , Bank reconciliation and Mode of accounting ,  Financial statement ,Bussiness organization,Accouting on computer,Tally fundamental.

Getting Function with Tally .ERP9
Creation/ Setting up of Company in Tally.ERP9
Setting up Account Heads
 Report Generation ,Financial Report in Tally, Balance sheet  & Day book
Stock Group
Stock Categories
Unit of Measurement
Stock items
Creating inventory Masters for National Traders
Accounting vouchers
Inventory vouchers
Bill Wise Details
Cost Centres and Cost Categories
Voucher Class & Cost Center Class
Multiple Currencies
Bank Reconciliation
Interest calculation
Budget & Controls
Scenario Management
Order Processing
Record Levels
Tracking Numbers 
Batch-wise Details
Additional Cost details
Bill of Materials(BOM)
Price Labels and Price lists
Stock Valuation
Zero Valued Entries
Inventory Ageing Analysis
Different Actual and Billed Quantities
Creating Masters
Entering Transaction
VAT Report
Accounting for Return of Goods
Rate Difference in Purchase/Sales
Exempt Transaction under VAT
Purchase From Unregistered Dealers
Claiming ITC on Capital Goods
Inter-State Branch Transfers
VAT Reports
VAT For Composite Dealers
Basic of Central Sales Tax(CST)
Enabling CST in Tally. ERP9
Recording Interstate Transaction in Tally. ERP9
Payment of CST
Feature of Point of Sale (POS) in Tally.ERP9
Configuring Point of Sale in Tally. ERP 9
Entering POS Transactions
POS Reports
Canfiguring Job Costing In Tally.ERP9
Creating Masters For Job Costing
Recording Transactions
Job Costing Reports
 Configuring Tally.ERP9 for Multilingual
Creating Masters
Entering Transliteration in Multiple Languages
Generating Reports
Tally Vault, Overview of Tally. NET
Security Control
Tally Audit
Backup and Restore
Split Company Data
Export and Import of Data
ODBC Connectivity
Web Enabled, Print Preview and Online Help
Printing of Reports and Cheques
Connect Company on Tally.NET
Create Remote Users
Remote Users
Remote Access
Concept of Control Centre
Installing & Activating Tally.ERP9
Loging to Control Centre
Managing Accounts using Control Centre 
Features of Support Centre
Accessing the Support Centre 
Using Support Centre
Basics of Service Tax
Configuring Tally.ERP9 for Service Tax
Creating Masters
Entering Transactions
Accounting for Opening Service Tax Credit
Payment of Service Tax
Service Tax Reports
Basic concepts of TDS
Configuring TDS in Tally .ERP9
Creating Masters
Entering Transaction
Accounting for Advance Receipts 
Accounting for Opening Service Tax Credit 
Payment Tax Reports
Basic Concept of TDS 
Configuring TDS in Tally .ERP9
Creation of Masters
Processing Transaction 
TDS Reports
Basic Concept of TCS
Configuring Tally .ERP9 for TCS
Creating Masters
Entering Transactions
TCS Reports
Basic Concept 
Enabling Dealer Excise in
Tally .ERP9
Enabling Dealer Excise Tally.ERP9
Creating Masters
Entering Transaction
Excise Reports
Sales and Purchase Extract
Basic Concept of Excise Duty
Configuring Excise in Tally .ERP9
Creating of Master 
Processing Transactions   
Configuring Payroll in Tally .ERP9
Creating Payroll Masters
Processing Payroll in Tally .ERP9
Accounting For Employer PF Contributions
Payment of Professional Tax
Generating Payroll Reports
(Certification from tally India Pvt.Ltd Bangalore -center of Tally )
 provide an easy entry,Onto according to  onces business need.             
Develop skill to customize tally 
      Software  according to ones business need.
Provides an opportunity to self finance the
      course or earn more.
The market place as accounts automatic 
 Manager, accounts manager, financial analyst,
 Full time accountants, part time accountants,
 Audit assistant, faculty corporate trainer, tally
 Technology professionl, tally technician tally 
 Advisor/ consultant, ERP9 operator, data
 Manager, tally sales personal, center manager

                                                Academy used to receive requirement from
                                                         Tally users on regular basis in addition 

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