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 Course Content --ADCHN (Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking)

Operating System Support Skills   

 OS Basics

  Introduction & installations

      windows 98, windows xp2 professional.

       windows 2000, 2003 & 2008 server

       Vista & win 7  

    Windows 98 Boot Process

  Navigating windows 98

  Networking all windows 

  Configuring windows 2008

  Disk & storage Management

  Managing Users & Groups

  Troubleshooting all windows ,etc

PC   Hardware Support Skills:

Fundamental of Pc



                     Hard Disk Drives, Floppy Disk Drives                 

I/O Ports & devices

SCSI Drivers 


Installing of Drives 


Printers (DMP, Inkjet,  Laser)

Portable PC(Laptop)

BIOS/CMOS setting 

Disk Manager 

Partition Magic, Norton Ghost etc

Assembling & Disassembling 

PC maintenance & Troubleshooting,etc


Networking Essentials:

Overview of Networking 

Overview of N/W  Components

Network  Hardware ,Transmission media


WAN Topologies etc.

Installing cabling

                                                                            802 Standards                                                                            

Media Access

Network Technologies 

Other Network Architectures

Network Software 

Switches & Bridges


TCP/IP services 

IP Addresses

DHCP & Automatic IP  Configuration

Host Names & FQDNs

Server ( Net BIOs ) Name            


Client/ Server Systems 

WAN & Remote Connectivity 

Network Security

Managing Windows Security

Testing & troubleshooting 

Network Performance,etc

MCSA/MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Administrator/ Engineer)

Microsoft Windows 2003 & 2008 (Administration)   

Introduction to Windows 2000prof. & Windows 2003 & 2008 Server

Installation & Configuration of windows 2000 prof , 2003 & 2008 server

User & Group Management, NTFT & Share permission

Using Device Manager, Drivers Signing & Signature Verification 

Managing ports & configuring printers

Disk management tools & tasks, file systems User management

Installing Active Directory

Domain User Account

Implementing Shadow Copies 

Implementing & Managing DFS

Installing & Configuring terminal service

Installing DNS    

Installing & Configuring DHCP

Monitoring & MANAGING IIS 6.0

Remote access & VNP Overview

Configuring & Implementing:-

RAS, Routing Service, ICS, VNP

Active Directory

Implementing Active Directory Service Forest

Planning Implementing an OU Structure

Implementing Server Roles

Restoring Active Directory

Local and Domain Security Policies

Working With Group Policy

Configuring the User Environment by 

Using Group policy

Deploying Software through Group Policy,etc


                                                                              RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) 


                                                                                           Introduction of Linux

File System, RPM

User Management, Mounting & Utilities

System Configuration 

Working with GRUB & LILO

Understanding Kernel & Shells

X Window-SW Management

Managing Device, Desktop Environment

Linux Commands

TCP/IP with Linux 

Understanding Browser

Networking Printing

Networking Service &Proxies

Configuring firewall

NIS & host security



Encryption configuration

Service configuration

Overview of Clustering

Diskless terminal

Web server,etc


                                                                   (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

                                                             Internetworking with TCP/IP                                                                     

Assembling Internetworking concept overview

     And Cabling Cisco Devices

Router fundamentals

Basic router configuration

IP routing

                                                                 Overview of VLSM                                                         

OSPF configuration 

PPP communication 

Basic IP Traffic Management with Access lists

Establishing Frame Relay PVC Connection

Managing Networking Environment

Catalyst 1990 Switch operation

Virtual LAN 

Easy subnetting

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