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                                                       MCSE & MCSA CERTIFICATION 

New MCSE and MCSA Certifications

Just as we got comfortable with the current MCITP certification paths that were introduced with the Windows Server 2008  and Windows Vista certifications, Microsoft has decided to do away with it for future technologies as we move closer to    cloud computing. The change from the MCITP certification to the New MCSE Certification comes as Microsoft introduces  new ”Cloud-Built Certifications” The new certification path is based on a 3 tier design with levels being Associate, Expert    and Master. The current MCITP certifications are based on a “flat” scheme as such which fails to correctly indicate actual   skill level of the candidate.

What is changed in the new certifications?

One of the changes is that new certifications are level based. For example, you first need to first be at the MCSA certification level as a prerequisite to gaining a MCSE certification and so on for the MCSM certification.
Second, the new certifications do expire – you need to renew them every couple of years to refresh your knowledge and skill set with the latest technologies to keep them vaild.
The new certifications are made to be much broader and more in depth compared to the current MCITP certifications. This will help clearly identify skill levels of different people.
Forget what you know about MCSA and MCSE
Microsoft has decided to re-invent these certifications with a whole different meaning. These no longer relate to Windows Server System Administrator and System Engineer certifications, but rather each a level on the new certification pyramid.
New meanings of MCSA and MCSE:
- MCSA: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
- MCSE: Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
In addition to these, there are also two new MCSD and MCSM certifications which will respectively replace the MCPD and MCM certification tracks.
- MCSD: Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
- MCSM: Microsoft Certified Solutions Master
How does this effect my MCITP certification?
Your MCITP certification will still continue to be valid until Microsoft’s mainstream support for the technology ceases. If you currently hold a MCITP Server Administrator or MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification you will automatically be awarded with a new MCSA Windows Server 2008 as you have already passed all required exams for this
MCSA 70-687 Exam Overview
In the MCSA 70-687 exam covers installation and general configuration of the Windows 8 operating system. Typically candidates who sit the 70-687 exam will already be, or aim to be in a job role supporting Windows 8 desktops or laptops in a peer to peer or Microsoft domain based environment. In passing this Windows 8 exam you will be halfway towards gaining a
MCSA: Windows 8 certification.
The syllabus of the MCSA 70-687 exam is split into 7 categories:
Install and upgrade to Windows 8
Configure hardware and applications
Configure network connectivity
Configure access to resources
Configure remote access and mobility
Monitor and maintain Windows clients
Configure backups and recovery options
MCSA Windows Server 2008 Overview
The MCSA Windows Server 2008 certification is perfect for people looking at getting their first job in IT. This MCSA certification provides you with a minimum set of skills needed to configure and maintain Windows Server 2008 technologies in a real world environment. In acquiring this MCSA certification, you will be qualified enough to step into most junior to intermediate system administrator roles and hit the ground running.
What are the requirements to gain MCSA Windows Server 2008?
The MCSA Windows Server 2008 certification is awarded when you pass 3 exams.
Exam 70-640
Exam 70-642
Exam 70-646
You may notice that the requirements to gain this certification are identical to those of the MCITP Server Administrator certification. If you already hold a MCITP Server Administrator certification or MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification, you will automatically be awarded with a MCSA Windows Server 2008 certification. Check your Microsoft Transcript for more information
Nothing replaces a good understanding of all tested MCITP topics, but here are 7 tips to give you the best chance of passing during your MCITP exam.
1. Go through the initial practice questions.
These are the sample questions which you have the option of going through at the beginning of each exam. Even if you’ve already been through them on previous exams it is recommended that you run through them again for two reasons, first – there may be new question formats which you are unfamiliar with which could throw you off during the exam and second, it helps gets your brain in to “exam mode” before the exam has started rather than during your first couple of questions (while the time is ticking!
2. Read each question carefully twice.
Microsoft has a reputation for having misleading questions in which they give you a whole heap of information and detail, but you won’t need half of it to get your answer. If you quickly skim read through the question then answer, more often then not you will make an assumption or overlook vital information you’ve just skim read over and choose the wrong answer. First read each question through once, then understand what they are asking you, read the question for a second time taking note of key information given and finally choose your answer.
3. Skip questions you don’t immediately know the answers to.
A good technique when sitting an MCITP exam is to first only answer questions you definitely know the answer to. The questions which you need more time to decide you answer with, take a note of them on the pen and paper provided to you in the exam and come back to them at the end. This is a good technique as there is no point wasting time and interrupting your positive exam flow on a question you may not know. So go through the whole exam answering all questions you KNOW the answers to, take note of all questions which you need more time on, when you reach the end of the MCITP exam, go back to all the questions you didn’t answer and spend the remainder of your time working through those.
NB, don’t use the skip feature on these questions. On adaptive based exams, it is rumored to have an effect on subsequent questions that you are asked. For instance if you tick “skip” on a question which the topic area you have poor knowledge in, there is a high chance that you will get a higher number of subsequent questions on the same topic.
4. Use the pen and paper provided to you.
There are 3 good times to do so –
•As soon as you get into the exam, you can start writing down notes which are fresh in your head. This may be notes from a topic which you are poor in and was quickly cramming study notes into your head right before the exam.
•Use it to write vital information down from difficult questions so you don’t have to keep re-reading over the question for it. Also use it to draw diagrams which may help you to work out the answers to some questions.
•Noting down questions you will come back to. As explained in the previous tip.
5. Go toilet before the exam.
This is an obvious one but often forgotten if your nervously waiting to get the MCITP exam over with. As soon as you get to the testing centre, go straight to the toilet. There is nothing worse than having to leave your exam while the time is ticking to go toilet. Even worse would be to hold on during your exam which will affect your concentration.
6. Eliminate obvious wrong answers if unsure.
On questions you are unsure of, there are usually one or two answer options given which are quite clearly wrong. Eliminate these incorrect answers first which will help you come to the correct answer through the process of elimination.
7. Use all of your time, don’t leave early.
It is no race to finish in a little amount of time and you’ve been studying hard for this exam so why ruin the final step to certification to save a few minutes? There have been no rumors of time taken affecting your final weighted score so if you’ve been given 60 minutes – use them all. If you finish answering all questions in 30 minutes, use the remaining 30 minutes to go re-read over your answers for obvious mistakes – it could be the difference between a fail and a pass!
There you go – 7 tips which should help you gain your MCITP certifications with minimal upsets
Course content(mcse)
Microsoft Windows  2008   (Administration)   
Introduction to Windows 2000prof. & Windows 2003 & 2008 Server
Installation & Configuration of windows 2000 prof , 2003 & 2008 server
User & Group Management, NTFT & Share permission
Using Device Manager, Drivers Signing & Signature Verification 
Managing ports & configuring printers
Disk management tools & tasks, file systems User management
Installing Active Directory
Domain User Account
Implementing Shadow Copies 
Implementing & Managing DFS
Installing & Configuring terminal service
Installing DNS    
Installing & Configuring DHCP
Monitoring & MANAGING IIS 6.0
Remote access & VNP Overview
Configuring & Implementing:-
RAS, Routing Service, ICS, VNP
Active Directory
Implementing Active Directory Service Forest
Planning Implementing an OU Structure
Implementing Server Roles
Restoring Active Directory
Local and Domain Security Policies
Working With Group Policy Configuring the User Environment by 
Using Group policy
Deploying Software through Group Policy,etc

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