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Introduction of Computer:-
Computer fundamental
Brief knowledge
Evolution & History of computer.
Pagging and swapping
Categories of software
Disadvantage of computer.
Generation of computer, Hardware & Software pattern.
Type of Signals.
Measurement unit of Hard-disk.
Ram & Rom Memory.
Block diagram of PC.
Type of memories:
           - Physical memory
           -Virtual memory
Dos-Hardware Label:-
All commands
Internal & External
Command based on Hardware & Networking Level.
Parts Information
Motherboard details
Processor sockets or Slot
Memory sockets & Voltage Regulators
I/O Bus slots & Power Connectors
Real- Time clock & CMOS Memory Chips
Battery & Jumpers
Ports & Header & Pin Connectors
Motherboard form factor
AT & Baby AT & LPX
ATX & Micro ATX
Flex ATX
Upgrading Motherboard
Installing RAM
Installing New Processor
Power and SMPS
Power Supply
AC-DC Voltage 
Part of the Power Supply
Basic Troubleshooting Flowchart for Power Supply
Types of Printer & CD Driver
Modem-Types & Types of Cards
Assembling & Dissembling
Type of Mother board
Hard disk ATA & SATA 
Type of Jumper
BIOS Setup
Startingthe setup utility & Award BIOS Setup
Using the setup utility & The main menu
Standard CMOS Setup & Standard CMOS Features
Date and Time & Advanced BIOS Features
Advanced Chipset features
Integrated Peripherals
Power management setup
Pnp/PCI Configuration setup & PC Health status 
Frequency / Voltage Control
Load file-safe defaults
Load optimtzed details
Supervision /User Password setting
Save and Exit setup option
Exit without saving option
Window 98 (FAT), SP-2 (N.T.F.S)
Window 98, Window xp, Window Vista.
Win 2000, Win 2003,Window 7,8 ,10 and Server E.T.C
Hard Disk
Logical Structures & File Systems
File Allocation table (FAT, FAT12, FAT16)
Virtual (FAT)
32-Bit FAT (FAT32)
New Technology File System (NTFS)
 Version 1.1/4.0
New Technology File System version 5.0 
High Performance File System (HPFS)
Hard disk tools
Disk Cleanup
Error Checking
Disk Defragmenter
Defragmenter Hard disk
Change Drive Name & Letter
Scanning Hard Disk for Viruses
Formatting a Hard disk
Formatting a Hard Disk from Windows
Formatting a Hard Disk from Dos Windows 
Installing an Additional IDE Hard Disk
Master & Slave Drives
CMOS Identifying the Drive
Using Disk Management for Newly 
Installed Hard disk
Partitioning the New Drive
New Trends In Hard Disk Drive
Pocket Hard Disk Drives
Controlling Data Loss
What can you do when you lose Data?
How can you prevent Data loss
Breakdown to Breakthrough
Basic Troubleshooting flowchart for Hard
Disk Drive
Beep Codes 
Beep Codes, AMI BIOS Beep Codes
Phoenix beep Codes, Award BIOS Beep
Optimizing the BIOS and Boot Process
Optimizing the Hard Disk
Optimizing Expansion Cards, MSconfig
Optimizing the Processor, System file 
Troubleshooting of All P.C (C.P.U,U.P.S,KEYBOARD,MOUSE,   MONITOR & PRINTER) 
Soldering & Desoldering

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