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                                                    (DURATION: 3 MONTHS)


  1. Introduction of Computer:-

ü  Introduction

ü  Objectives

v  What is computer?

      1.2.1 History of computers

      1.2.2 Characteristics of computer system

      1.2.3 Basic Applications of computer

v  Components of Computer System

      1.3.1 Central processing unit

      1.3.2 Keyboard, mouse and VDU

      1.3.3 Other input devices

      1.3.4 Other output devices

v  Concept of Hardware and Software

      1.4.1 Hardware

      1.4.2 Software Application Software Systems software

      1.4.3 Programming Languages

ü  Representation of Data/Information

ü  Concept of Data Processing

v  Applications of IECT

o   e-governance

o   Multimedia and Entertainment 

2.        Introduction to GUI Based Operating System:-

v  Basics of Operating System

2.2.1 Operating system (Win, Unix, Linux)

v  The User Interface

2.3.1 Task bar, Icons, Start menu

2.3.2 Running an application

v  Operating System Simple Setting

2.4.1 Changing system date and time

2.4.2 Changing display properties

2.4.3 To add or remove a windows component

o   Changing mouse properties

o   Adding and removing printers

ü  File and Directory Management, Types of File

3. Elements of Word Processing: -

v  Word Processing Basic

3.2.1 Opening word processing package

3.2.2 Menu bar

3.3.2 Save and save as, Page setup

3.3.4 Print preview, Printing of documents

v  Text Creation and Manipulation

3.4.1 Document creation, Editing text

3.4.3 Text Selection, Cut, Copy and Paste

3.4.5 Font and size selection, Alignment of text

 v  Formatting The Text

3.5.1 Paragraph indenting

3.5.2 Bullets and numbering, Changing case

v  Table Manipulation

3.6.1 Draw table

3.6.2 Changing cell width and height

3.6.3 Alignment of text in cell

3.6.4 Delete/Insertion of row and column

3.6.5 Border and shading

4. Spreadsheet:-

v  Elements of electronic spreadsheet

4.2.1 Opening of Spreadsheet

4.2.2 Addressing of cells

4.2.3 Printing of Spreadsheet

4.2.4 Saving workbooks

v  Manipulation of cells

4.3.1Entering Text, numbers and dates

4.3.2 Creating text, number and date series

4.3.3 Editing worksheet data

4.3.4 Inserting and deleting rows & column

4.3.5 Changing cell height and width

v  Functions and Charts

4.4.1 Using Formulas, Functions, Charts

5. Computer communication and internet:-

v  Basics of computer networks

       5.2.1 Local area network (LAN)

       5.2.2 Wide area network (WAN)

v  Internet

5.3.1 Concepts of internet

       5.3.2 Basics of internet architecture

v  Services on internet

                  5.4.1World wide web and websites

   5.4.2 Communication on interne

   5.4.3 Internet services

v  Preparing computer for internet access

                  5.5.1 ISPs and examples (broadband / Dialup /     


                  5.5.2 Internet access techniques

6. WWW and web browser:-

v  Web browsing software

         6.2.1 Popular web browsing software

         Configuring web software

v  Search engine

         6.4.1 Popular search engines/search for content

         6.4.2 Accessing web browser

         6.4.3 Using Favorites folder

         6.4.4 Downloading web pages

         6.4.5 Printing web pages

7. Communication and Collaboration:-

v  Basics of E-mail

        7.2.1 What is an electronic mail?

        7.2.2 Email addressing

        7.2.3 Configuring email client

v  Using E-mails

        7.3.1 Opening email client

        7.3.2 Mailbox: inbox and outbox

        7.3.3 Creating and sending a new e mail

        7.3.4 Replying to an e-mail message

        7.3.5 Forwarding an e-mail message

        7.3.6 Sorting and searching emails

v  Advance email feature

        7.4.1 Sending documents by e-mail

        7.4.2 Activating spell checking

        7.4.3 Using address book

        7.4.4 Sending softcopy as attachment

        7.4.5 Handling SPAM

v  Instant Messaging and collaboration

        7.5.1 Using Smiley, Internet etiquettes

8. Making Small Presentations:-

v  Basics

8.2.1 Using Power point

8.2.2 Opening a Power Point Presentation

8.2.3 Saving a Presentation

v  Creation of Presentation

               8.3.1 Creating a Presentation using a Template

  8.3.2 Creating a Blank presentation

  8.3.3 Entering and editing text

  8.3.4 Inserting and Deleting Slides in a     Presentation

v  Preparation of Slides

                  8.4.1 Inserting word table or an excel worksheet

8.4.2 Adding clip art pictures

8.4.3 Inserting other objects

8.3.4 Resizing and scaling an object

v  Providing Aesthetics

8.5.1 Enhancing text presentation

8.5.2 Working with color and Line style

8.5.3 Adding movie and sound

8.5.4 Adding headers and footers

v  Presentation of Slides

8.6.1 Viewing a presentation

8.6.2 Choosing a set up for presentation

8.6.3 Printing slides and hangouts

v  Slide Show

8.7.1 Running a slide show

8.7.2 Transition and slide timings

8.7.3 Automating slide show

9. Network and communication:-

ü What is a Computer network?

ü Types of networks:

ü LANs (Local Area Networks

ü WANs (Wide Area Network)

ü MANs (Metropolitan Area Networks)

ü VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

ü Categories of Networks:

ü The OSI Model:

ü TCP/IP Suit Protocols



ü Token Ring

ü FDDI ,ATM, Coaxial Cable

ü Twisted pair cables

ü Wireless communication media

ü Infrared Light, Satellite, Network Topologies:

ü Start Topology, Ring Topology, Bus Topology, Tree Topology, Mesh Topology

ü What is Internet, Intranet & Extranet? etc.

10. Introduction of Ubuntu Operating System

ü  2A.1.1 Method to download Ubuntu

ü  2A.1.2 Difference between the Ubuntu and Windows

ü  2A.1.3 Ubuntu Desktop

ü  2A.1.4 Desktop background

ü  2A.1.5 Launcher

ü  Running applications

ü  Add applications from the Launcher

ü  Remove application from the Launcher

ü  2A.1.6 Closing, Maximizing, Restoring, And Minimizing Window

ü  Browsing Files On Your Computer

ü  Home Directory

ü  Files File Manager Window

ü  Opening Files

ü  Creating New Directories Copying and Moving Files and Directories

ü  Customizing Your Desktop

11. Introduction of Libreoffice Suit

ü  1A.2.1 Reasons to Use Libreoffice

ü  2A.2.2 Comparison Between MS Office and Libreoffice

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